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June 9, 2006 Very cool, the TRND guys posted an interview with me on their blog (in German). I've also had a brief look at my server stats, and thanks to TRND tunes, things went up considerably... Great! I hope I can get some feedback from some of you who find this stuff! Would very much like to get connected with people who appreciate my music - I might start a blog here as well. Until then, e-mail me: martin [at]

May 20, 2006 As I am currently not producing any new music, not much has been happening here lately. Right now, I am taking singing lessons, to work on my somewhat "non-existing" skills in that area... And I hope to be writing new stuff that way. A first new song is already in the works. But that's why I am even more excited about some very favorable comments that I have received from the TRND community, where my song "Double Wedding Snapshot" appeared in the live version on their first TRND tunes compilation. Thank you very much indeed for the positive feedback - very encouraging!

July 31, 2005 I haven't been posting anything here in a long time... mainly, because I have other musical projects running. You can find some information about that here. Recently, though, I have dug up some older recordings that were made in the coYote collective spirit. I have posted them on the history page.

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