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Me & my Guitar.
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  • Sweeping Song (live) [mp3 download]
    1992, 2:55 min. Written and produced by M. Oetting.

    One of my oldest tunes! And probably the coolest guitar lick I ever invented. I usually play this live on my Stratocaster. Here's a dry version on Dobro, also live at Cafe Harlem on April 19 2004.

  • Double Wedding Snapshot (live) [mp3 download]
    2002, 3:09 min. Written and produced by M. Oetting.

    This song is already featured on The Driving Years. This is a new version that I recorded live at Cafe Harlem here in Berlin, on the 19th of April 2004. Only myself on Dobro-style guitar.

  • Bourgeois Blues [mp3 download]
    2004, 2:48 min. Written by Ledbelly, produced by M. Oetting.

    Old blues standard from Huddie Ledbetter. I recorded this live and on the fly, only one mic (mono), quick and dirty. The input levels are too high at times. Still, I liked it enough to put it on here.

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