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Notes on The Driving Years


All pieces written and arranged by Martin Oetting, except 5, arranged by bones / coyote (C. Bösel, M. Oetting). All pieces recorded and mixed by M. Oetting. (demo tracks, homerecording)

The Story behind it

The Driving Years is a kind of historical collection of songs which describe my personal musical history. It all starts with the Bell Bottom Blues, my first proper piece, written in 1990. When I wrote it, I didnít know that there is a Clapton-tune with the same title. The collection includes the pieces that I still find interesting and worth listening to today. (Some are not included because I simply donít have a recording thatís good enough to warrant their appearance. Some are left out because I find the lyrics or some other element somewhat embarrassing today. As time goes by.) The songs or pieces are arranged in chronological order and span more than a decade, up to fairly recent work, such as Double Wedding Snapshot or The Night, written in 2002. Now that I have put this collection together I feel like can move on and explore new grounds. I hope you like my music.


This recording is dedicated to E. and H. Oetting, who always supported me in whatever I did.


Thanks to the musicians who contributed to making these recordings, and certainly to those who inspired them. A special Thank You to Johannes and the friendly folks at Studio Funk, Berlin, for helping out with a bit of sound tweaking all over the place. Thank You Very Much to Bones and Miss A., for being The Family. Enormous Thank You to Miss P. at the end of the Drive.

Photographies: credit

Photographies by H. Oetting, J. Weferling, T. Waldowski, M. Oetting and maybe more people whom I donít remember right now. Friends, if you find photos of yours, please let me know!

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