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Gear II
Gear: Tools of the trade.

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The mighty POD! I just got this little baby - it's an enormous improvement that I can now use so many different amp sounds for recording, where I used have nothing but the Music Man. And all these sounds come in such a handy little device! I am not surprised that this amp modulation unit has been a tremendous success with musicians all over the world. This will certainly help me get more diverse sounds, and to record them more easily. Line6 POD Mk II

Tascam US-122 plus Steinberg Cubasis Finally I've done it: I have upgraded to recording on my computer. What a blessing! I can now directly produce my own CDs, edit and post-produce the takes better than ever before, and publish straight to the web, without any need for outside resources. Great! The interface is this Tascam device, I am recording on Steinberg Cubasis. Sufficient for my needs.

My 8-track digital hard-disk recording device. I started out with a 4-track Tascam 424. A good machine that worked well. But at some point, the tape mechanism started causing trouble, and the hiss just isn't too much fun. It eventually gave up altogether, so I got this Fostex VF 08 8-track as a worthy replacement. The Tascam seems to have had a somewhat warmer sound, though. But it's really cool to have eight tracks, and when you practice a little, you can get it to sound good, too. I may move on to recording directly on a computer. Fostex VF 08

The Doc: BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-660 Another faithful soul: My DR-660. This little drum-machine has been around since the early nineties, too. For my purposes, it's okay. I am used to it, and I get it to roughly play the way I want it too. But for someone used to editing (drum-)sounds on a computer, this would probably be hell...

I've had this DOD FX-17 for a long time. Combines wah-wah and volume pedal, is really small, nice and sturdy. Good stuff. The only thing that you need to be careful with is the battery, runs dry quickly. And I've never found an AC adaptor that works for this. DOD FX-17 Wah-Volume

Zoom 2001 I used this small Zoom 2001 for all my earlier recordings on the Tascam, mainly to get reverb on the vocals. At the time, the Zoom guitar effects were all the rage. I bought this homercording unit because it seemed reasonably priced and provided the effects I needed. Now, I almost entirely rely on the effects on board the VF 08.

My microphone, a Shure SM 57. Great for electric guitars. Less suitable for vocals. Let's see what I can do about this in the near future. Shure SM 57

Last but not least. Last but not least - these two very important tools. Sometimes they work really well. Sometimes they get on my last nerve. But I wouldn't know how to do without them.

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